What is the Magnum Opus:

A Magnum Opus is a large collection of a persons speciality, wether that be art, music, literature or something else. And is regarded as the most imporant piece of work from that person. In my situation my Magnum Opus project is a project that is never ending essentially. It is a project where I challenge myself to build something that uses all of my current skills and knowledge and will be able to be continued to be expanded up on. This particular project has no real name, hence why I’m using this title, and was conceived from a bunch of other projects I’ve done in the past.

So more to the point what exactly will this project be/do. This project will be kind of mundane in the grand scheme of it all, it is a fancy light pole that can be used to light up a back yard, driveway, work area.
What set it apart is that it will use multiple sensors to detect presence in the surrounding area, cameras, BLE, 2.4GHz and possibly 5.0GHz. Just as a start. The final(ish) iteration of this project is intended to have solar, battery power, rise out of the ground and collapse. And be fully controllable from a phone/touch pad mounted to the device.

Where will I start:

The first area where I will start this project is by sketching out the form, followed by getting dimensions for packaging constraints. Then a list of requirements for phase 1 will be drafted, followed by lining up a list of components that will be able to tackle the requirements I set forth. The prototype phase will all be open air test benches, where using a chip set to control LED’s that provide light and being able to target them individually. After that power supply and converters will be the next topic of discussion.

Major hurdles:

The biggest hurdles will probably be the solar application since solar is a new area for me, and the actual application for a phone to control the device since I have no experience building apps to date.