What is a HackerBox:

HackerBoxes is a subscription based service that sends out monthly electronics boxes with project attached to them.
These projects range over a wide gamit of things and can include anything from components with a “free-range” aspect to fully built systems.

Why do I order them:

These boxes open me up to new products and components I may not have been aware of at the time, or force me to rethink how I’ve been using existing components that have been a part of my arsenal for years. My personal goal is to always grow my knowledge, being opened up to these new components or ways of thinking is a great help with that.
The projects attached to these subscriptions sometimes lead me to revise older projects I had worked on previously, due to either a better components being available or a new way to code/use them.

This folder:

In this folder the primary focus will be on completed projects from these boxes. It will also allow me to reflect on how what I learned from these projects can be reapplied to new or existing projects I have in progress.