Hello my name is Vincent,

Although I tend to work under different aliasses depending on what I am doing :) (In this case everything links back to my github one which is The-Lifting-Engineer)

I’m an Electrical Engineer, Tinkerer, Racer and absolute nervous wreck 9 times out of 10.

This website is a museum/monument to my projects. (I’ve been told the corporate/professional word is portifolio) I will also be using this as a reflection point to see areas I can improve up on with each new project.

I will upload most of my projects/finding/co-op stuff in here for others to view and ask questions about.
Questions such as: How can he code so poorly? Dear god man can you just comment your stuff? And why can’t he use x-component instead of y-component.
(Note: Most of the time it is me asking these questions to the past version of me)